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The roll out of the competency-based curriculum in Kenya represents a significant change for teachers and teacher educators, not just in terms of what is to be taught, but in how it is to be taught, with much more emphasis on active engagement and on the importance of teaching a range of skills to all learners. There has also been an increased focus by the Ministry of Education on inclusion and inclusive education practices, as well as an emphasis on technology-enabled teacher development for better learning outcomes. 

The current COVID-19 pandemic has made it necessary for educators to think about the learning environment outside of the classroom, as may learners are learning at home with some support from their teachers. In the context of such significant changes, ‘one off’ training sessions are unlikely to have an impact. Teachers and teacher educators need to be supported, using technology, to learn, practise and reflect upon new skills.

Through its Teacher Futures programme, COL has supported the Kenya Institute of Special Education to develop a School-Based Teacher Development Programme on Inclusive Education. In the current phase, the training programme targets some 700 teachers in 20 schools, and is likely to impact more than 21,000 learners. The course resources are available online, alongside a downloadable Training Handbook.

The programme may open for access by more teachers outside of the initial project schools in the near future.

2 thoughts on “School-based teacher development for inclusive education Training Handbook”

  1. Philip Max Gorvie

    The use of technology to enhance learning and the acquisition of skills is quite in place. How can this technological approach yield it full dividend in situations where the learner cannot access tools like digital smartphones. How can such deprived learner’s be brought to the fold in a technology based atmosphere? Lets assume the teacher sets up an asynchronous media platform, the challenge will be how to ensure participant engagement at all?

  2. Philip Max Gorvie

    School based teacher development program is much needed in Sierra Leone schools particularly teachers are well grounded in the use of the technology and the available multimedia resources. This is why it is essential for those of us who have the privilege to know how to create and communicate through these resources. There will be challenges but they cannot be insurmountable.

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